Customize tin containers with sophistication and storytelling features while protecting premium contents
round tin filled with cookies
A collection of different sized square tins standing next to each other.

From wholesale cookie tins to whiskey packaging, square custom tin containers bring a touch of style and sophistication to your product packaging.

As a leader in creative packaging design, we understand that when a package convinces a consumer to reach out and grab it off the shelf, half the battle is already won. When square decorative tins are combined with our decorative options, such as high quality printing, holographic finishes, meshing or embossing and debossing, products will stand out on store shelves in packaging that engages consumers and communicates a message of quality.


Elevated appearance
Diverse lid compatibility


Two people off screen clink chocolate cookies together with glasses of milk.
Cookies and chocolates
A glass of a specialty drink sits on a wooden table.
Premium and speciality 精神
Rectangular Tins
A collection of different silver rectangle tins.

玩具包装, luxury packaging and even creative food packaging may not be square, but that doesn't mean they can't be rectangular.

When a product is placed in metal packaging, it sends a clear message to consumers that the product inside is worth protecting. But you can also integrate different enhancements to heighten the visual appeal of a decorative tin. 完成 such as matte, gloss and crackle can distinguish the package from the competition.

These traits make promotional packaging an ideal format for seasonal products or commemorative celebrations but can also be used to elevate the uniqueness and quality of an every day product. 


纪念 & 季节性的设计
可叠起堆放的 & 耐用


A collection of different board game pieces sitting on a chess board.
Toy and limited-edition board games
A closeup of a cup of freshly brewed tea sitting on a rustic table.
Luxury teas and specialty goods
Two seamless silver tins sit next to each other.

Sometimes less is more, and 云顶集团糖果游戏's seamless options give anything from innovative beverage packaging to confectionery or biscuit tins a clean, distinct and elegant look.

Seamless promotional packaging is available in a wide range of rectangular or round sizes. Multiple closure variations are also available, including sliding tops and lids that offer an audible “click” when secured.  Seamless packaging exudes quality on store shelves, and with a variety of textures and techniques like embossing and debossing, you also have a unique opportunity to engage consumers’ sense of touch and create a memorable experience.


Smooth branding surface
Protects delicates


Several small chocolate balls sit on a piece of parchment paper.
Sweets and cookies
A filled martini glass sits on a wooden table.
Specialty 精神 and alcohols
Several round aluminum tins stacked on top of each other.

从广泛的, shallow tins for confectionery and 饼干 to tall packaging for specialty 葡萄酒, beers and 精神, 云顶集团糖果游戏's round decorative metal tins stand out on store shelves and add sophistication to packaging.

With a broad range of sizes and lid profiles, our round decorative tins can suit almost any occasion. For even more creative packaging, try combining tins with relief varnishes that create a reflective 3-D effect and can be applied over the entire surface of a package, creating a high-impact shimmer. 另外, consider a tactile finish, such as a Soft Touch over-varnish, which can create a highly aesthetic and sensual effect, encouraging consumers to touch and examine products.


Gift-ready presentation
Diverse applications


Several pastries, cookies, and sweets sit on a blue plaid tablecloth next to a cup of coffee.
Confections and cookies
A closeup of several tall glasses of bubbly champagne.
Specialty 葡萄酒, champagnes, and beers
Two silver oval tins stand next to each other.

While similar in style to our round cans, oval decorative tins offer a larger visible area for product marketing and are particularly suited to premium products, lending elegance to the final packaging design for cosmetics and other luxury goods.

There are many advantages to using metal for luxury packaging - from functionality to visual impact, metal can help brands win the battle on the store shelf. Highly specialized and visual decorative tins were made for the demanding market that is cosmetics. From perfumes to face powders, and from creams to gels, whether it’s on display in a bedroom or bathroom, or coming straight from a gift set, cosmetic packaging always needs to be at its best.


Wide branding real estate
Adds sophistication


A closeup of a person spraying perfume onto their wrist..
Perfumes and cosmetics
A female-presenting person smiles towards the camera as they apply face cream.
Personal care creams and gels
Three different octagon shaped silver tins stand next to each other.

For some creative packaging ideas, it's a case of the more sides the merrier!

Are you looking for specialized toy packaging for holiday promotions, new ideas for secondary candle packaging, or simply a custom packaging solution? Our octagonal decorative tins are designed to give your brand the edge and to stand out against the seasonal - and daily - competition. Available in a series of heights, 直径, with multiple lid profiles, and compatible with our full range of decorative options, this is custom promotional packaging at its best.


Eye-catching dimension
Primary or secondary packaging


A closeup of flower pedals spilling out of a bowl on a table.
Candles and other home goods
A closeup of a selection of different chocolates and sweets.
Cookies and sweets
A collection of differently shaped silver tins.

You can also connect with consumers by using irregular shapes. A product easily stands out on the crowded shelf landscape when placed in a metal tin box that is shaped differently than its competitors - here are just a few examples of the many different shapes we can produce and customize to meet individual needs.

The versatility of shaping provides brands with unique opportunities to use irregular dimensions to differentiate goods or to explore creative packaging techniques to showcase flagship products. 玩具包装, cosmetics and any luxury packaging can use a refreshed look and feel to maintain their leadership on retail shelves.


Customizable shaping
Ultimate differentiation


A closeup of several miniature figures and toys against a dark blue background.
Limited-edition or promotional offerings
A closeup of a luxury gift set.
Cosmetics and other luxury gift sets


Our innovative seated end technology gives decorative tins a crisp, clean premium look. It is ideal for luxury packaging for whiskeys, 葡萄酒, 精神, 雪茄, 饼干, confectionery and other limited-edition products. “坐着”, as opposed to a “seamed” end, the decorative tin’s bottom curl is invisible when the promotional packaging is placed on a flat surface.

在皇冠, we have automated the production process for the seated end, to maximize quality and consistency. With this innovative technology, brands now have a greater choice of distinctive and novel promotional packaging formats, helping differentiate products at the key point of sale and express a unique identity.


Brands can add excitement to promotional packaging and make products pop on store shelves with 云顶集团糖果游戏’s Holo云顶集团糖果游戏™ holographic foil technology. A first for metal packaging, the technique allows holographic images to be stamped directly on decorative tins, helping capture consumer attention and minimize the risk of product counterfeiting.